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Oct 2016 Newsletter

President’s Note: We kicked off the ILSC 2016/2017 season with a great Fall Potluck

Dinner. Thanks to everyone that brought a dish to pass and to Lenore Sullivan, Judy Smith, Jackie McCardell and JoEllen Oppenheiser for hosting the event – it was delicious.


Please be sure to attend our very important October meeting. We will begin with some information on the March of Dimes Ladies Snowmobile Ride and a lifesaving CPR class prior to our regular agenda. Hope to you there!


For Sale: Used snowmobiles, trailers, equipment, accessories, etc. If you have something for sale let me know and I will add it to the newsletter.


Map Ads: Gale Konkel and Gina Palmer distributed the Map Ad Forms at September’s meeting. A few days after the meeting we were informed that the Cheboygan club could no longer support the Map Ad sales. Notices were sent out to our club requesting help with this very important fundraising event and once again our members stepped up and took on the sales of the Cheboygan ads, insuring the success of this year’s trail map. Thanks to all you that picked up the additional sales.


Membership Dues: The 2016/2017 membership dues are due, if you haven’t already done so, please be sure to pay Pat Deitering at October’s meeting.


Spring Banquet: Volunteers are needed to chair the Spring Banquet. All other committees and activities have volunteers. If you would like to work on the Spring Banquet please call President Tom.


2016/2017 Meeting Schedule Update: At September’s meeting a motion was passed eliminating the March meeting due to poor attendance.


Highway Cleanup: On Monday September 19, Gregg Ellis led a crew of 11 in the fall highway clean-up. Volunteers were: A. PIllen, B. Rossman, J. Carver, K. Pfister, D. Pfister, 
L.Rossman, G. Konkel,T. Konkel, M. Marlock, G. Ellis and B. Callaghan (aka. The Shadow – see the website for more info.).


2016/2017 Coffee/Cookies/Cleanup Volunteers:

Oct. – J Johnloz, D.Carver, P. Callaghan


Nov. – G. Konkel, L. Pillen, P. Smith


Dec. – J. Laroy, K. Hayes, L. Rossman

Jan. – D. Gies, J. Chenevere, K. Pfister


Feb. – J. Schaaf, G. Palmer, C. McPherson, J. McCardell



Next Meeting: MONDAY October 10th at 7:00 at the I.R. Sportsmen’s Club.




Best Regards,


Tom Konkelk.
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