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January 2017 Newsletter

HILSC Newsletter January 2017




President’s Note:


New Members: Two new members joined the club this month – Larry and Betsy Dolbee. Welcome aboard!


Bell Ringers: Randy Lee informed the club that we raised $3037.29 for the Salvation Army – Cheboygan PO - $640.37, Walmart South - $579.26, Walmart North - $724.56, Kmart - $248.28 and Ken’s Market - $844.82. This year’s total was $428.33 more than last year’s - GREAT JOB!! Many thanks to Randy Lee and to the following volunteers that donated their time to help make someone else’s Christmas special: J. Carver, G. Ellis, J/V McCardell, P/D Deitering, A. Pillen, P./J. Oppenheiser, N/R Arvin, B/G Palmer, B/ Maggie Rossman, K/M Wakefield, D/K Pfister, C/D McPherson, V/R Bassett, D/K Hayes, B. Ulrich, B Callaghan and R. Lee.


For Sale: Used snowmobiles, trailers, equipment, accessories, etc. If you have something for sale let me know and I will add it to the newsletter.


Game Night/Pizza Party: Game night will be held on January 5th at the Indian River Sportsmen’s Club. Please be sure to contact the Callaghan’s at 231-238-7873 or if you need to add or drop from the pizza list. If you signed up but need to cancel, you need to do so by Wednesday January 4th or you be charged for the pizza.


Christmas Party: Our annual Christmas Party was held on Thursday December 15th at the Bay View Inn in Petoskey. 50people attended this year’s event with several folks spending night. Once again this was a great event. Thanks to Pat Callaghan, Pat Deitering and Linda Pillen for chairing this event.


Map Ads: All of the 2016 – 2017 Snowmobile Trail Maps have been distributed. Thanks to Gina Palmer and Gale Konkel for coordinating this year’s map and to the following volunteers that help make this year’s map a great success: Arvin, Austin, Callaghan, B. Carver, Deitering, Gies, Hayes, Invinskas, Konkel, McPherson, Palmer, Pfister, Pillen, Rossman, Schaaf, Socia, Ulrich.


Downtown Cheboygan Window Display: A big thanks to Dan McPherson, Mickey Martlock and Jenny Chenevere for helping to beautify a downtown Cheboygan window front and promoting our snowmobile club. Go to Cheboygan and check it out or see our website.


Snowmobile Trips: (If you would like to plan a trip, please let Sue Kowzan know so she can coordinate the trips in order to help avoid overlapping events)


  • We currently have planned a snowmobile trip planned for UP in Houghton and Silver City beginning January 23 thru the 27. We have 12 couples signed up and confirmed. If anyone is interested please let Tom Konkel know – 231 238-6849.

  • Bob Ulrich is coordinating the Weekly Day Trips – check the website for more information.


Trail Brushing: Art Pillen reported that the brushing is complete for this year and the trails are open – all we need is snow! Thanks to Art and all of you that spent time brushing the trails, making them safe for all of us to enjoy.


Coffee/Cookie/Cleanup People: January’s cookie ladies are- Dianne Gies, Jenny Chenevere and Kathy Pfister, Linda Pillen and Gina Palmer.


Website: Several new photos added to the website. The site also includes the list of cookie people, committees and other information. Check it out!



Next Meeting: MONDAY JANUARY 9th @ 7:00 pm at the I.R. Sportsmen’s Club.




Best Regards,


Tom Konkel

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