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Points Party Reward



The Board of Directors of the Inland Lakes Snowmobile Club has updated a plan to reward members who took club leadership positions and/or worked on club projects and activities during the fiscal year.  The fiscal year is established as September 1st of one year to August 31st of the following year.  The reward is an activity to be held after the end of the fiscal year and paid for by the Club.  Only those people who earned sufficient points are invited to the activity. 


Points are awarded as follows:

2 points to each Club Officer and Director

2 points to a member who chairs a Club project or activity

1 point to each co-chair of a project or activity (not to exceed 2 points total)

1 point to each member who works up to 4 hours on a project or activity; 
            A second point will be awarded for more than 4 hours of work  


The chairs of the following Club projects and activities qualify for 2 points:

Bowling Party

Christmas Party

Clothing Sales

Day Trip Coordinator

Fall Party (hay ride, wine tasting etc)

Fifty/Fifty Ticket Sales

Highway cleanup


Map Ad Sales

Map Ad Distribution

MSA Ticket Sales

Name Tags

Nominating Committee

Points Keeper  

Quartermaster (for Club Supplies)

Salvation Army Collection

Special Projects (ie. Connector Trail Coordinator)

Spring Banquet

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